Safety, quality, and performance – Insight from Gardner Cryogenics

As featured in gasworld US Edition — The ability to safely transport and store hydrogen has never been more important as governments and business leaders around the world turn their attention to environmental issues like the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and look to hydrogen as a fuel and a key solution to global clean energy needs.

As a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality liquid hydrogen tanks, semi-trailers and storage containers, Gardner Cryogenics is honored to contribute to this critical undertaking.

“Gardner is proud to be on the forefront in developing equipment to safely and reliably transport and store liquid hydrogen for use in a growing number of applications,”
Ravi Subramanian, Gardner Business Manager, said. “We’ve produced more than 150 liquid hydrogen transportation tankers, with designs customized to meet a wide variety of
customers and regulatory specifications. Gardner equipment is trusted worldwide and used by all major industrial gas companies and large research laboratories.”

Like all Gardner equipment, the hydrogen transport and storage tanks are ruggedly built, assuring peak performance and long-life reliability under virtually all environmental conditions, anywhere in the world. “We take great pride in the fact that we have produced more than 2,000 liquid helium and hydrogen tanks and containers since 1973 and our first container is still in operation today,” Subramanian said. “But more than that, Gardner is proud of our reputation for providing the safest, most reliable containers and vacuum
lines for transporting and storing helium and hydrogen.”

Gardner offers a full range of superior hydrogen solutions. In fact, the company introduced the first of many of the standard tanks and semi-trailers, and portable customer stations in operation today. Gardner’s growing portfolio of products for liquid hydrogen includes static storage containers ranging from 1,500 to 30,000 gallons, and transportation containers ranging from 1,500 to 17,600 gallons, and hydrogen purifiers up to 20,000 standard cubic feet per hour.

Additionally, safe operation of containers and tanks requires proper maintenance and repair, which in turn enables maximum liquid product, extends asset life, and maintains code requirements. Trusting container maintenance and repair to a Gardner code-certified facility guarantees adherence to critical worldwide standards, including ASME, DOT, UN Portable, CSC, IMDG, ADR, and European Standards.

The expert team of engineers and technicians at Gardner leverage the experience gained from designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art helium products for customers globally and continue to push the limits by developing new and novel concepts for the growing hydrogen economy to enable customers to address challenging logistics issues, safety and regulatory demands, and manage their operational needs.

“Safety is our number one priority, and our long history of experience with hydrogen reflects this in our designs and customer support,” Subramanian said. “Recent developments include containers with innovative designs to enable the unloading of liquid hydrogen with almost no venting while ensuring all regulatory requirements are met. This allows liquid hydrogen to be safely delivered from production facilities to point of customer use. It is exciting to see these products in action and to be part of an energy solution that will define the legacy for future generations.”