Liquid Helium

Helium has many uses in both medical and technology applications. Respiratory treatments, cooling MRI magnets, fiber optic cable manufacturing, and semiconductor chip production, are some of the versatile ways helium is being employed. To support these applications, as well as new uses, the demand for helium continues to increase. Ensuring that available helium is not lost in transport is crucial, and Gardner Cryogenics has the expertise to transport and store these molecules with near zero loss. Plus, we offer purifiers for applications that require extremely high levels of purity.

Liquid Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the most abundant element and is valuable as a raw material and a renewable energy source. Used in the petroleum industry, and in manufacturing processes for producing chemicals, foods and electronics, hydrogen can be found in many industrial processes as it combines chemically with most elements. With zero emissions, hydrogen is becoming more prevalent in material handling applications.  And the increasing number of hydrogen vehicles has created a need for additional hydrogen fueling stations. Backed by industry expertise and safety, Gardner’s trailers, tanks, and cryogenic piping provide the much-needed infrastructure for these applications.


Our unique and specialized welding services, custom fabrication and complete system integration capabilities are designed to meet your entire project requirements. In particular, we have the highest quality welding services for special alloy materials and applications, giving our customers a unique edge that comes from industry-leading technical know-how.

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