Service & Support

Unmatched professional artistry

Gardner specializes in world-class container rehab, transport damage repair, modifications and upgrades, and vacuum reconditioning.

Whether you are looking to ensure your trailers continue to operate for years to come, or need to upgrade or modify your fleet, our team of experts keeps you moving.

  • Accident Repair
  • Rehab & Vacuum Recondition
  • Certified Retest & Inspection
  • Spare Parts

Modifying, upgrading, and rehabbing your containers is more cost effective than replacing part of your fleet. Additionally, proper maintenance lets you maximize liquid product, extend asset life, and bring containers up to code requirements.

And in the unfortunate occurrence of an accident, or an emergency repair, Gardner’s field service team is here for you. 

With a focus on providing the safest, most reliable containers and vacuum lines for transporting and storing liquid helium and hydrogen, Gardner has:

  • More than 50 years of experience
  • Code-certified facilities
  • 30 quality trained technicians with more that 250 years’ experience 
  • Dedicated engineering support staff
  • Dedicated independent 3rd party code inspectors
  • Adherence to worldwide code standards (ASME, DOT, UN Portable, CSC, IMDG, ADR, European Standards)

For service and support, please call +1 610 266 3700 or click here.