About Us

Proven performance

Gardner Cryogenics designs and manufactures high-performance, highly reliable, long-lasting storage tanks used to transport hydrogen and helium molecules around the globe. With more than five decades of experience, Gardner provides customers with industry-leading technology that enables them to cost-effectively move and store molecules with near zero loss. The unique technology developed by Gardner provides the lowest heat-leak for the highest yield when transporting, storing, and transferring helium and hydrogen.

Our experienced team of cryogenics experts works with our customers to leverage our technology to meet their specific storage, transportation, and budget needs.

Why choose us?

We have been designing and manufacturing ISO containers for almost 60 years, resulting in:

  • Highest reliability
  • Longest life expectancy
  • Highest liquid yield
  • Longest hold times
  • Lowest long-term cost

We’ve produced more than 2,200 tanks and containers since 1973 and our first container is still in operation today.

Gardner provides the safest, most reliable containers and vacuum lines for transporting and storing helium and hydrogen. Our equipment is trusted worldwide and used by all major industrial gas companies and large research laboratories.

We are ISO 9001 (ANAB / UKAS) certified and have the highest level of skilled employees to support the design, build, and repair of our products. Gardner is recognized as an OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) Star participant, serving as a model for what employers, workers, and unions can achieve by working cooperatively to develop and operate excellent safety and health management programs. Our experienced team of diverse cryogenics specialists has internationally recognized expertise in extreme cryogenics, precision welding, insulation, and vacuum technology.

The Gardner team is focused on customer satisfaction and creating superior equipment by reaching beyond mechanical production into the realm of technical artistry, elevating our technology into a class by itself.

Gardner innovations

  • Most efficient and reliable liquid helium distribution systems
  • First 41,640 L (11,000 gal) ISO container
  • “Dual” hydrogen/helium container
  • Helium semitrailer
  • Portable helium customer stations
  • First to achieve NER in hydrogen storage below 0.2% per day
  • Largest hydrogen semitrailer—66,245 L (17,500 gal)
  • 45-day hold time container without refilling of LN2
  • Most versatile UN Portal tank in 40 ft ISO frame for max pressure gas (175 psig) and liquid yield application
  • Most reliable and highly efficient multiline vacuum jacket piping for liquid helium distribution
  • High-efficiency transfer lines

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