Hydrogen Technology Expo – North America

Technologies and solutions for a low-carbon hydrogen future.

Join Gardner Cryogenics (Stand #110) at the Hydrogen Technology Expo – North America in Houston, Texas on June 28-29.

How can the necessary infrastructure for distributing and using liquid hydrogen be developed? Join Ravi Subramanian, Business & Technology Director – Gardner Cryogenics, and other Panelists for this discussion on Day 2 (June 29) from 12:05 – 12:45PM. Learn more.

Ravi Subramanian has global responsibility for Gardner Cryogenics equipment sales, business development, innovation and engineering. He joined Gardner Cryogenics in 1995 as design engineer and has held numerous roles within the organization and its parent company. He transitioned to a business development role in 2010 to focus on hydrogen mobility to address hydrogen refueling station infrastructure needs. As part of the Gardner Cryogenics organization, he has been responsible for product development, securing regulatory approvals and marketing high-performance, highly reliable, long-lasting containers used for storing and transporting liquid hydrogen and liquid helium.

Gardner Cryogenics, headquartered in Bethlehem, PA, is a world leader in designing and manufacturing super insulation, vacuum and transient shield storage and transport tanks and tankers to store liquid hydrogen and liquid helium. Its products are known globally for low heat leak, long hold time, high-performance and reliability. With over five decades of experience, Gardner provides customers with industry-leading technology that enables them to cost-effectively move and store molecules with near-zero loss.