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Gardner Cryogenics the world's choice for transporting and storing liquid helium and hydrogen
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Gardner Cryogenics

World Headquarters: 2136 City Line Road, Bethlehem, PA 18017

With more than five decades of experience, Gardner Cryogenics is the world's leading developer, designer, and manufacturer of high-performance tanks and trailers for liquid helium and liquid hydrogen. Ours is a leadership that blends …

  • the most advanced and reliable equipment
  • tanks with the lowest heat-leak in the world
  • knowledgeable and responsive technical service
  • a commitment to world-class quality confirmed by long-standing ISO 9001 certification accreditation since 1992
  • manufacturing facilities featuring internationally recognized expertise in precision welding, insulation, and vacuum technology
  • an experienced team of diverse cryogenics specialists
  • unique expertise in heat in-leak interception and multilayer insulation

The ultimate key to our track record of customer satisfaction is people. Gardner people create superior equipment by reaching beyond mere mechanical production into the realm of technical artistry. It is the significant margin of difference that places our vessels and related technology in a class by themselves.

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